Happy 1st Parenthood Anniversary

Today, February 16, 2018, marks my first year of parenthood and it was incredible. Baby M added multiple shades of color to my life: whether it be the holding her pinkish soft hands with my hand or kissing her rosy red cheeks. Despite the blues of postpartum, the greys of the stitches, or the blackouts of my memory, there isn’t anything relatable to that feeling of the rush of emotions I had after holding my baby for the first time.

That instant bond between mother and daughter is magical, mama-baby bond. My Hubster held Baby M excitedly and was unwilling to pass her to other loved ones who were aching to hold her.

While laying in the hospital bed, riddled with a spinal block, I remember enjoying the teary-eyed faces of grandmothers and the excitement of uncle and aunt to see their kid brother’s child.

Everything was cute until she showed me the true colors of motherhood and screamed her lungs out on the very first night.  She looked at us, and I imagined her expression, “this is just the beginning, mama” with an evil laugh.

To be honest, this year was a roller coaster. There were moments that made us look down with a smile, and there were moments that made us look up to the heavens wondering why us. But every time we would see that mischievous smile or hear the blabbering of ba-ba-ba & ma-ma-ma, it would work as a shot of energy drink. Every day is a new day and presents a new challenge. Most days, I couldn’t do any house chores, nor anything constructive because I was extremely tired. Only mothers can understand the everyday WrestleMania that comes with raising a baby.

Sometimes a tissue paper can cause a huge melodrama and at times, the only challenge is to understand what this little coconut wants. Sometimes, it becomes frustrating when we try to connect her to the family on video call but her all interest is to see herself or touchscreen.

Throughout the year, the biggest challenge has been living alone with a growing, lovable monster without our family. Babies demand constant attention, and you always have to be there or else anything could happen. This little Flash crawls after electric sockets behind the refrigerator, eats electrical chargers, wrestles garbage cans, and loves those delicious slippers that remind her how hungry she has been all day.

Being a parent demands that you surrender yourselves to your child. You first surrender your time, then your sleep, and finally your personal desires. When we really want to dine out, we can’t! When we go to the park, she doesn’t like to sit on the grass. Our baby girl loves to go to the limits when we are not expecting. We are grateful when it comes to shopping because she enjoys the colors and lighting. At times, life seems more like Baby’s day out which I never imagined a year before.

With every step and every word, she makes us a little misty. We always wish our families would be around to witness these developments with us. Among all these frustrations, the beauty is to see her grow up and achieve these little milestones. This feeling is out of this world.

Let’s celebrate the day with tiny two teeth, few unsupported steps and many blabbering words of our copycat Baby M.

image- P01

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