How could you mothers?

Hey mothers, sorry to burst your bubble but I have to tell you that you all are the most INSENSITIVE AND PATHETIC creatures in the entire world (maybe universe).

You carry YOUR baby for 9+ months in YOUR womb and bear all the pain, pp pain, and depression, belly bulge etc. but So what???? It is not too much. People around you suffer too and they are more experienced and expert than you can ever be in your life!

Mothers, you make so many mistakes and INTENTIONALLY ruin your baby body and nature. Why you do this women? *sigh*

Some observations just made it so clear to me. Let me make you feel bad too. So here we are:

  1. If your baby is tiny (less healthy than other babies in the family), you INTENTIONALLY did not eat to deprive your child of proper nutrition while you were pregnant. How cruel mom!
  2. If baby’s head is not a perfect circle (they measure it using a compass), you are so lazy to put little effort and alter the genes. How careless mommy!
  3. If the baby’s complexion is dark then you again showed such carelessness to beat the genes otherwise you would have eaten coconut, melons, and pomegranates to win against the genes. How sad maa!
  4. If you don’t understand the concept of regular “tind” (bald head) then you are just hopeless and every other person on street will cry on your stupid motherhood. Why mama why?
  5. Every child might attack food and everything but if your child does it, it is your fault that you did not eat well in pregnancy and made your child “nadeeda“. The world now can see your terrible face. Go and die, mommy!
  6. If your child has a habit of thumbsucking, then it clearly shows how indifferent your behavior is towards your child. You intentionally don’t feed the baby so he/she can help the people curse you for thumbsucking. What a mess you are!
  7. If a weaning child is not fat chubby baby and just a normal active one then it’s not the genes and his metabolism but it is you, the terrible woman who doesn’t feed your child enough and INTENTIONALLY makes him weak. How terrible mother!!

I have a list which can go on and on but the horrible behaviors of a mother cannot be unveiled so easily. This keeps getting horrifying as the child grows up and I’m not sure you all are ready to read so much truth about this evil creature on the planet. I hope the society will not lose the courage and keep correcting all the mothers about the right type of motherhood. Or. How about we make a universal pact among countries to make it mandatory for elderly persons to do this prestigious job.

Huh. Goodbye.


8 thoughts on “How could you mothers?

  1. Saira khan

    Soop true i can relate to maximum points my only disappointmnt is the length of ur article i was cravng fr more bt better luck nxt tym😉

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