Letter to My Kid Sister

A very Happy Birthday to the essential of our family. Essential because you share a unique bond with every person in the family. I remember celebrating your birthday every year with our usual celebrating meals and Abbu bringing your birthday cake as he never wanted to offend his “Pathan“. Remember, it always used to rain at your birthday and Ammi would always repeat her statement,” Mehak ki birthday pe barish zarur hoti hai“.

Like every sister, we have infinite memories together since childhood to our yesterday talk. Remember how innocent you have been considered since the beginning. The ever compromising Mehko who usually becomes favourite of everyone easily. I was even accused by your well-wishers to be jealous of you.*wink*. God knows it can never be true.

Remember how we used to fight at night to sleep next to Ammi and you be the Shareef soul, always ended up on the other side of the bed. Ammi would give me and Bhai lectures of how should siblings care about each other feeling. I swear that daily dose of insight at night have shaped our lives and are the cause of bond we possess.

Remember how you always made your friends call me “Appi” when you never called it yourself. Whenever you pretend to call me Appi, I always laughed in my brain recalling the times when you were screaming my name in the house.

Sorry for being the Hitler of your life. Remember how I used to lecture you before helping in any assignment. I used to act a decade older than you. Having that feeling, I always felt a bit more conscious (at irritating level) about you. Your friends used to ask the Hitler’s permission before any outing instead of Ammi Abbu. Then I was put at the stake to convince them. Oh God, how manipulative we have been to our innocent parents. *guilty*. This made you attend almost every co-curricular activity at school and university. Our younger siblings should bow down to us for creating the acceptance in our parents else we would have been a victim of “Log Kia kahengy” all our lives.

Whenever I come across any sisterhood advertisement or articles, it reminds me of you. The arguments over anything and then being each other’s support in our stupid school/college/friends matters. Sharing wardrobe, lame discussions, sharing secrets, verbal and physical fights, making future plans and we have done it all.

Thinking of you as a vulnerable one, I was always overprotective about you and I still am. No need to recall the famous incident of the fight for you in school. People see the confident groomed girl. I have witnessed a tiny shy introvert girl growing up into a smart independent lady. The girl who used to get terrified of seeing any new face in the house is now dealing with life in an entirely new world. This gives me a feeling, “meri bachi bari hogyi hai”. Lol. Too dramatic? I know.

Being each other’s most hated opponent in the house most of the times, I never assumed I could talk to you almost every day. Remember how we always made fun of Ammi for having regular talks with her sisters. Oh God, we actually do it now. Lol. Sorry to Khalas if it offends you 😘

Thank you for loving and owning Baby M like your own kid. We (me and husband) really appreciate every little effort you make to develop a connection with Baby M. You always want her updates and want to have a video call so that she won’t forget your face despite living in another time zone, adjusting in a new place and environment,

Thank you for being the best kid sister. Rida, you are the best baby sister, Ok?

Happy birthday Mehakoo 


Message from BabyM:

Hiiii….Happyyy tooo tiii  Lala/mehchhh/khala.

Mama … phone … baat… ajaoo… ayii taaa… pleeeshhh… thantoo…nai nai naiii


Ok so on a serious note Lala, now I recognize you a little more. Don’t be sad when I call you with other names. Once I will meet you in person, you will definitely become my favourite.

Your Chota Jin.

Daa fizz (Khuda Hafiz)


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