Reactions over Ehsas Telethon Dua!

The post-Ehsas Telethon panic has already taken over the social media for which initially, I was not sure about sharing my two cents on it.

Honestly, I don’t get the politics and political issues, hence I avoid who is right who is wrong debate on it. There is always a doubt about everything and you never know what’s the truth. When I saw the viral news, first I couldn’t believe that it’s against Maulana Tariq Jameel. I looked into it to know the truth and I just kept thinking the whole time that what did he actually say wrong here?

Watching the clips and the tweets were so disappointing. A reaction and dragging of matter just because “Chor ki darhi me tinka”.

It was unbelievable that the so-called sensible and experienced journalists couldn’t digest the reality and didn’t resist before embarrassing one of the assets of our nation.

I respect Maulana Tariq Jameel for his knowledge, preaching peace, maintaining harmony amongst different sects, and for the positive vibe he has.

How many of you listened to his dua on the 27th Rajab? He prayed for the whole world and our country. He asked forgiveness and his major concern was the sight of empty Ka’aba. He says things that reflect his religious perspectives. Humara ya apka religion nahi, the only and righteous religion.

Did you listen to his prayer at the end of Ehsas Telethon? What did he pray that caused so much panic among our insecure nation?
Don’t we all lie?
Do we all follow the religion, the right way?
Is our media really naive and truthful??
Doesn’t the media subjectify women?

Don’t answer here. But in your heart.

Whatever it is that bothers you about his modest nature, can you deny the fact that he is one of the few respectable scholars we have??
When will we learn to respect our teachers and scholars?? How can we expect to get rid of illiteracy if we don’t want to listen to those who actually have knowledge?

Is the so-called freedom of speech slogan for media only? Why the media couldn’t digest something so evident said by a respectable personality??

Before Ramzan, I was listing the names of scholars whom I can listen to. Those who are easy to understand and I admire for their way of preaching. Among all the Shia scholars Maulana Tariq Jameel was one scholar I had in mind who doesn’t belong to the Shia sect (mentioning the sect part here just to let you know that every sect respects him). I don’t listen to him regularly but whenever I had, I couldn’t leave the session in middle. He has always talked about the basics of Islam and revealed how beautiful is our religion to practice.

It was such a painful sight to see him apologizing! No matter what, they shouldn’t have made him apologize on media like that.

#istandwithmaulanatariqjameel #ehsastelethon

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