The Game of Respect

Nothing is more painful than staying quiet and not being able to correct someone out of respect. In fact, I don’t consider this behavior as respect at all. This can be fear, ignorance, weakness, numbness but definitely not the so-called respect.

One common parenting goal that I have observed since forever is to raise well-behaved children. We were always reminded to behave in front of elders, neighbors, in-laws, guests, and every other possible human. Let me elaborate on this well-behaved term a little according to our society. You are well-behaved and well-raised if:

◾You act dumb to every unnecessary comment from elders around the globe
◾You don’t mention your preferences and choices in front of anyone
◾A child of your family doesn’t report molestation or abuse because he would fear that it might be disrespectful towards that SAINT.
◾Children in your family choose their careers only according to the elder’s wishes and orders
◾You are bound to ignore all the privacy invaders with a smile because oh dear, you dont even know how to set boundaries
◾You have no power to protect your dear ones from the toxicity because respecting the wrong person is apparently more important than saving someone’s life

◾You have no courage to correct the authorities
◾You keep respecting and keep losing your self-respect

I’m sure every third person can relate to one of these and proudly call them well-behaved and well-raised.

The heart shattering part is when I see the abuse at the name of respect from the educated ones. Education is indeed the best thing that can happen to a person until he/she starts feeling too educated for others. You can spot these people among your family, relatives, colleagues and sometimes at street who are just too educated to think, too educated to learn more, too educated to adapt, too educated to even listen. However, always too good to give others any respect.

When the pseudo education gets to someone’s head, it intoxicates them with the lust of control over others. The vicious game of respect is more common among such people. Surprisingly, they find a massive audience and generations to help them grow their “respectful circle”

The circus of respect is getting suffocating but am I allowed to stop being “well-behaved”????


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