My Normal is My Normal

After spending more than a silver jubilee of my life by trying to fit into the pre-defined format of every relationship and standards of living set by God knows who, I have realized something.

Would you like to know what is it?

There are some amazing people around us who are exceptionally praised for their ideal behaviors and are examples for the young-rebellious generation. From where I see, they are all indeed inspirational as per the standards set ages ago but they don’t have their own identity. Somewhere their opinions got mixed up with the myths and customs of society. Somewhere in a struggle to fulfill the requirements of the tag attached to them, they stopped looking for what they truly liked or believed in. The blindness took over gradually and now there is zero tolerance of change.

Change, which is also a synonym of life, is not acceptable by many of us. We don’t accept the differences easily and develop judgments regarding things that do not resonates with us.
◾If a person thinks of a few careers as noble ones then he/she would disregard the rest of the options.

◾If a person prefers a certain type of clothing then people choosing other options are ridiculed by him/her.

◾If a person is vegan then people having meat are looked down upon and vice versa

◾Let’s not goto the example of religion

These are just a handful of examples. Every human is different, hence, something normal for one person is alien to other. Does this mean we should judge or ridicule the ones having different preferences than us in life?

Do we do this?
100 times yes!

Does it cause any harm?
The fear of judgment and always seeking others’ approval damage one’s individuality the most. Many times, the easy path of people-pleasing has been picked and personal preference is stacked somewhere in the backseat of life.

I remember when I started my blog, it was one major step. Not for me or my family but out of the fear of response I might get for using social media with a public account. I already get taunts of wasting engineering degree. The add on was “is this even a thing to do” haww haye, over, attention seeker Bla bla bla.

After a year of “should I continue or not”, I can say that this is MY SPACE. This is the place where people know me for who I am, for my random immature thoughts, for my imperfect personality, and that’s the space that represents me. Do I need to explain myself to anyone?
Absolutely not!!

Do I need to drag myself in doing something more serious and respectable for the sake of other’s validation?

In between my child’s milestone and my husband’s career growth, should I stop living a life of my choice?

Call it side effects of “teaching girls”. I might not be (definitely not) excellent in engineering concepts but I do have the curiosity to learn and explore my life choices. My learning idea might be different from yours but that’s my normal.

The day I realized the idea of my normal is my normal, I gained the confidence to do my things my way. My way of maintaining my individuality and not expecting other’s approval for it.

Do you have your normal preferences?


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