Apology letter to 2020

Dear, year 2020, you have received more than enough bash since your arrival. Almost every person has cursed you at least once since you have entered the calendar. Honestly, I dread you too. The fright of unexpected never left me since you have appeared. A person like me who is always planning something ahead, your uncertain behavior has really bothered me.

Now, after almost 10 months of experience, I don’t blame you anymore. I want to apologize for the blame game we all have been playing. I wonder why we have been calling you the worst? What have you done? Is it really your fault?

Dear 2020, your older brother ‘2019’ might own Covid-19, but you totally own the change it brought to humans’ lives. You can flaunt the changes you caused in human behavior in front of your younger generations of Calendar. The stories of how humans literally sat back and thought about what actually matters which they didn’t get to think for decades. Most of all, the same fear of a microscopic virus among the whole wide world. A common horror that connected every single human being.

I can imagine the pride you must have for being the game-changer-year of the last century. You will address your grandchildren someday like,

“My dear children, your grandpa has made history by pausing the lives of mankind. When they were going crazy to conquer space, I bound them to their homes. Ha-ha-ha. I threw experiences after experiences at humans to learn and grow. I’m also entitled to show a mirror to the society about its flaws. Your grandpa did his best to reveal the truth of the world. However, I wonder why do they remember me like a nightmare.”

No doubt, you had your best intentions but with the arrival of your biggest surprise (COVID) when many acted wisely, dead conscience and lack of empathy of many were also disclosed. When we almost thought that the whole world is united in the fight against the pandemic, the lust of power and dominance didn’t let that happen. The evil kept fueling religious discrimination, racism, suppression of weak, abuse of power, and injustice in every possible way.

It would be definitely unfair to blame you for the downfall of humanity. Your only fault is, that you showed us the wicked face of the world around us without any mercy.

I was living in a bubble of ignorance and a little hope of betterment but you burst it ruthlessly. You became the trailer of apocalypse and shook the mother who had beautiful plans for her child. Why did you do this? Why did you become a year of “bad news”? Why did you reveal the lack of justice in every damn corner of the world?

Today, I’m a scared mother worrying about her child’s future, a wife/daughter/sibling dreading her family’s safety, a woman doubting everyone man’s intention, a human looking for a carefree and peaceful spot in the whole wide world.

You have amplified a mother’s concerns for her child’s upcoming life. Today, after surviving with the tiny virus for months, I realized its not the deadliest at all. The real threat is the evil residing within humans. When the noise of busy lives around the globe decreased during the lockdown, we could hear the uproar of injustice echoing. People are being starved, bullied, abused, attacked, traumatized, and killed by their own kind of people. Unfortunately, the justice provided daily is negligible as compared to the crimes encouraged by the lack of justice. The soul-less animals have become fearless and you (year 2020) have terrified us with this disclosure.

Since, we, humans don’t like to accept the truth, hence the hatred (blame game) became your destiny.

With love,

Scared Human

Picture: httpsimgbin.com