Hi readers, I’m Tamkeen Zehra with a degree in electronic engineering. My resume has more details about events and marketing instead of electronic projects. Well, It’s an old story as now I have a major job; guarding my one-year-old hyperactive and destructive baby girl. Baby M

There are people who have a great fondness and command over writing. But I don’t consider myself one of those. For me, writing is a way out so I can pen down the events that clicked my life and scream my opinions (politely) which keep nudging the upper scrambled portion of my body. It sometimes takes five minutes and sometimes weeks until proper words are clicked in my brain.

It’s been a long time since I have even written a proper paragraph. Now being over occupied in motherhood, I pushed myself a little to do something other than just changing diapers and worrying about the brought up of my child. So, here I am, restarting an old chapter of my life with more colours and experiences. You all…. Oh sorry, my little boss is up   vgdfr6^ed89333ers@WR%&*……………


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