M Meets Them :)

The idea of going out with my little human always haunts me, even if it’s just for quick grocery shopping. The feeling is mutual among parent community excluding the lucky ones with extremely innocent babies.

Despite the challenging circumstances every time we have to face during traveling, I decided my happy place (Karachi) trip with little one. The main reason to take the courage to fly alone was to attend my best friend’s wedding. The other reason was equally important; taking the only (till now) and eldest granddaughter to meet her Nana, Nani (grandparents), and family in Karachi after almost a year. Behind these reasons, I secretly kept planning ME-TIME at the back of my mind (*wink*).

Being an over-thinker mom, the pre-jet lag effect was there to horrify me and I started to list down (literally) all the possibilities and strategies to handle her even before reservation of flight. The trips to Dada’s place were enough to prepare me for the upcoming destructions she can cause to new places. At our place, we have put away everything she can reach and destroy so I requested my mother to ensure the safety of all her vulnerable items beforehand.

The trip started quite nicely. At first, M kept sleeping throughout most of the flight and later on happily went hugging and smiling to everyone. The belated birthday surprise of Baby M was waiting for us at Nana’s place. My attention seeker baby got new toys, new place and plenty of attention from everyone; just a perfect situation for any toddler. Here, I saw the connection of blood which never fades. Watching the instant bond between M and everyone was such a relief and washed away all my doubts about her adjustment.

When you live far away (read: different cities) from your family, you try harder to maintain the connection between your children and your family, especially grandparents. Video calls might help a little to nurture the relation, but live interactions create the actual bond. This was another motivational factor to take the trip and it was definitely worth it as they got their granddaughter and I got some Me-time (giggles).

I had heard stories of how people saw the instant changes in their parents’ behavior with the arrival of a grandchild, now I finally have witnessed that too. It’s so amazing when you see an extremely unexpressive mother giving flying kisses to your baby and happily letting the baby interrupt her prayers. I remember how we were being scolded to even call her while she was performing prayers. Similarly, it’s jaw-dropping when a father with a strict image for two generations, is enjoying and smiling over the clumsy dance moves of his granddaughter. Sometimes, he did join her as well by moving his hands to cheer her up.

The main concern of baby M’s adjustment was down. Now, it was time for the wedding. I can say that my kid did add colors to the wedding by being destructive at bride’s house. Everyone was keeping an eye on the crawling creature so she doesn’t put anything in her mouth or goes to any dangerous spot. The dance practice of my friend’s family was badly interrupted by my girl as she kept attacking the laptop and speakers no matter how everyone tried to distract her. Baby M also enjoyed all the services from the bride-to-be until she got mehndi on her hands. A big shout out to the grandma for putting up with Baby M in all the function so I can be the bridesmaid peacefully. Some relations and times are so beautiful which we realize after coming out of the phase.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed my city after a long time by traveling in a rickshaw, shopping at my comfort places, eating my kind of food and laughing with my people. All this time, my mom asked me to leave her at home so she can spend some more with the little human.

Every time I land in Karachi, the instant energy which circulates through the veins is unexplainable. While I keep cursing the worse traffic conditions; I love to have rickshaw rides just to have the feel of the city. I do complain about the least cleaning situations but I do also love the fast food from the random restaurant, Agha’s Falooda and late night Limca+fries sessions at my favorite place. When people around the country are scared of Karachi’s terror situation, I always witness Karachites roaming in the city freely at even late hours.

I never bothered much about traffic rules and how people actually follow them before sitting with a man (hubster) who doesn’t take a wrong way no matter what; yes my brother is a pure Karachite and always did it casually. Anyhow, now the traffic conditions do bother me but the wrong way towards Samama shopping mall to NED University still feels the best achievement.

There is a perception of staring people in Karachi but trust me if you can go shopping in your most casual dress with no makeup and messy bun, it’s a blessing. No offense to Lahoris, but the pretty ladies do proper makeup and dress up just to shop at malls. For me, It was truly a homely feeling to shop in a casual way after months without feeling like a weirdo in the crowd. Please, ladies, enjoy these perks until you can. If the tharki awam still stares at you, baby you are beautiful.

Well, it was a Karachite’s love which always overflowed after every visit. I hope my baby would read this blog one day. She should know that everyone loved her being around during the memorable stay including aiyya, all the nano, nana, khalas, and mamoos.

She is almost months 15 now with 4 teeth, clumsy walking capabilities. Her favorite people to call all time are Baba, dada, dadda, aaappp, Daiii, nanna, and maa-moooo.