Caught Red handed!

As soon as BabyM heard the living room’s door opening, she quickly left her toys and ran outside. I went after her to enjoy the daily Baap-beti greeting session. She ran into Ghazanfar’s arms with her usual words “Babaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaa gayeeeeeee”, and her ever pampering Baba replied with the same daily excitement “Jeee Betu k Baba aaaa gayeee”.

I turned around towards the kitchen to bring snacks and tea saying Masha Allah in my heart. I overheard something that instantly took my smile away.

She was saying, “An uncle came today. Mama was talking to him, I heard her but Mama didn’t let me talk to him“.

I was stunned at her memory once again but today I didn’t expect her to report it to her Baba like this. I ran towards the living room so I could stop her from saying more.

But it was too late. He was already looking at me with utter disappointment in his eyes. I felt guilty for not being able to keep my words. I wanted to tell him that it was unintentional and I never wanted this to happen.

BabyM went to the room to get her toys and I stood there silently waiting for his reaction.

Before he could say anything, I initiated to apologize.

Me: I’m so sorry…
He: Why don’t you listen to me?
Me: I didn’t do in intentionally…I was……
He: Oh yes, it must be my fault too. Did I ask you to come upstairs to check on me? Now, if she got to know that Baba is working upstairs, she won’t let me work there too!!!

Jee janab. It was nothing as you assumed. Since the lockdown has implemented, Ghazanfar is working from home. At first, he was working in his computer room but it became impossible to stop BabyM from banging the door and interrupting his meeting with her calling ” Baabaaaa Baabaaaa” on top of her lungs so he had to move upstairs to work peacefully. We daily pretend that he is going office and then I look for an escape the whole day like a thief to give him lunch and tea. The time she almost caught me was one of the times when I was aiwain taking a tour da upstairs to check on my dear husband. She heard us talking and I told her “betu, it was not Baba but an uncle I was talking to”. After all, I am BabyM’s Mama so I’m as clingy as her. How can I resist visiting him upstairs 4-5 times for no good reason😜

Please pray that she doesn’t get to know about this second hideout aka WFH spot otherwise we will be in great trouble. According to ghazanfar, “You both won’t let me work peacefully at home, I should take special permission to open office for me“.


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