Another Woman was Asking for it!

How many times have you witnessed the words hidden behind asterisk sign?? (e.g R*pe, s*x etc)

Does putting the words behind the asterisk sign solve the problems or just satisfy our shallow upbringing to save the society from obscenity?

Discussing rape, sex education, consent, abuse is taboo but Alhumdulillah our blame game is too strong. We don’t put asterisk while blaming the rape victim for her clothes, makeup, and character. We don’t hide the words behind asterisk sign while blaming the parents for child abuse and calling them careless, we don’t hesitate while judging the victim!

The sickening part is, let alone punishing the perpetrator, the limelight is mostly on why the victim got into the trap.

Today, the news of the rape case on Lahore Motorway is all around the internet. CCPO Lahore Umer Shaikh casually blamed the woman for driving with her children alone and not having enough petrol.

Dear so-called guardian of Pakistani nation, if your department had been working efficiently instead of becoming the stooge of high authorities then those two sexually frustrated animals wouldn’t be out on roads. By the way, his views are not unique, just scroll down the social media platforms or look around in the neighborhood, you will find his many like-minded.

There is a shameless culture in many homes to discuss women’s clothing, walking style, body structure, accent, and then her character. Her choices are taken as a “call for attention”. If it is true in any sense, then what about those little kids who get raped? What about the woman who got raped in front of her children? Were they also asking for it??

Can we save the world from more damage?

Many reasons are suggested behind the increased percentage in abuse. Poverty, lack of education, pornography, mental sickness, and then comes the ignorance of privileged ones. Find as many reasons as you want but never ever blame the victim. By blaming the victim, we invalidate the pain and suffering. By finding excuses, we save the perpetrator!

Start from your home!

  • Don’t judge or discuss girls dressing, choices, and character. Especially in front of the men of your house
  • Stop the first comment your son/brother/father makes about other women
  • Boys shouldn’t comment on other girls dressing. Teach them to lower their gaze. Normalize it.
  • Teach your brother, husband, son (father too) to respect other’s consent
  • Mothers, while raising a strong man don’t forget to teach them humanity.
  • Fathers, while teaching your son to be his sister’s protector, don’t forget to tell them they have to respect and protect every other woman.
  • If the abuser is a closed one, report it!!!! An abuser cares for no relation. By hiding one case, you encourage him to go wild
  • If it didn’t happen to you, doesn’t mean others are lying. Support the victim.

Apparently, the world is evolving. Man has evolved from an animal to a civilized human but is it actually true? I see a cycle. A cycle that has taken the man back to the animal phase. Raise your voice in this world of animals before this rule of the jungle makes an attempt at you!



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